Our Team

Dave K (Founder)

Founder of Civil War London and main point of contact for demos, shows and information. Frontman for Empty Friend.

Ryan O

Right hand man behind the scenes at Civil War helping with designs, ideas, promo and in person at shows. Lead guitarist for Empty Friend.


Friends & Contacts

Luis Rodrigues (Photographer)

Probably the most committed rock photographer in London, Luis is almost always at our shows and takes phenomenal live shots under pressure and with difficult lighting etc. He’s also a top bloke. Check out his web page:

www.facebook.com/luisrphoto/ and www.instagram.com/luisrodriguesphoto/

Lisa Knight (Press & PR)

Lisa has been a supporter of what we’ve been trying to do since day 1, and is an incredibly hard-working and positive figure around the London grunge scene. She runs a PR site in her own right, manages one of the bands in our collective (Neverlanded) and is also a promoter & photographer with Live Circuit, who really are the best general promoter on the London scene.

www.facebook.com/lisaknightpr/ and www.facebook.com/livecircuitUK/

Ryan Stephenson (Producer)

Ryan Stephenson is a talented musician and producer who has offered his services to bands from our collective. He runs a studio called ‘E and R Sounds’, so get in touch with him (and mention ‘Civil War’) for excellent value recording packages, and genuine dedication to our collective ‘sound’.