CWL II and CWL III announced!

Busy times as always… but we are really looking forward to our next show, CWL II at New River Studios, which will feature one of our favourite bands - HAWXX - as headliners, with stalwarts Empty Friend, Bristol’s finest Superseed, and Gramma Vedetta in support. Massive thanks to them for filling in at short notice at the last show. All in all it promises to be a massive night of riffs and heavy music on Friday 20th September, and the venue is a really cool warehouse type venue, with a great main room, some excellent Italian pizza on offer in the bar and plenty of decent beers and drinks too. It takes a little bit of getting to, but it’s well worth it and we are keen to support what they are doing at New River as well.

While we are still very much focused on the next show, we have quietly announced on FB the headliners for CWL III - with awesome Dutch rockers Black Monsoon playing for us on the Saturday night of their first UK tour. They are making waves over in Holland, touring and playing festivals, so it is genuinely exciting to have them over for a show. We will be hosting it the legendary ‘Constitution’ in Camden, in their basement venue, which has held many a DIY show in the past. Part of the inspiration behind Civil War was my attendence of some gigs put on by a hardcore collective called ‘Rip This Joint’ (and Empty Friend drummer Karl M used to play in one of their bands called Yokozuna), and they held a ton of gigs at the Constitution. I expect it to be intimate, loud, and one to remember.

I’ve also just found time to add (long overdue in some cases) some new bands to our collective, and on our website, so please welcome:

Gramma Vedetta




Rough Stone

Imaginary Dreamers

This thing is still moving and developing well, and I hope we can really pull together some of these amazing bands into a real, living scene, like I hope to. Other plans include an all-dayer for 2020, maybe even a 2 dayer festival, so watch this space!

Dave K

Dave Kirk