So the first show was amazing… we really couldn’t have been happier with how it all went. The Unicorn was pretty much packed out with a really energetic crowd, the sound quality in the venue was superb, and all five of our bands delivered fantastic performances on the night. It was exactly what we had hoped it would be.

More than just the music though, our friends from other bands and around the general grunge scene all turned out, with Luis Rodrigues taking some great photos of the night, with the 3 of the lads from Circa Never coming down to support despite having had to pull out, Minky and Sol from Brain Ape down front and centre, and lots of our hardcore fans. Absolutely killer vibe.

Massive thanks to everyone who made it down, and especially to the Unicorn for taking a punt on this first night. We will be working with some other venues later this year, but we do very much hope to continue working with the Unicorn in future.

Big announcements for CWL II coming very soon - so watch this space!



P.S. I’m off to Glastonbury this weekend, so should be able to catch some cool bands down there which I’ll post on Insta & FB.

Dave Kirk