So our first show is to tomorrow…!! and it’s been a busy week. Circa Never’s singer sadly has quit the band and they had to pull out with just under a week to go, but after some urgent emails to all my friends we managed to secure a great replacement in Gramma Vedetta, who we had already been in touch with. I caught them at vocalist / guitarist Dan’s own ‘Mandrone Records’ night at the Black Heart a couple of days ago and they take no prisoners! Should be excellent! Also managed to finally see HAWXX live at the same show which was great.

In my other life as frontman of Empty Friend we had a great practice last night getting our set ready, and we’re really looking forward to the gig and to getting on stage - I’ll just have to clear my mind of all of the admin of putting on this show and immerse myself in the music… and enjoy it! There’s nothing like playing a show to a good welcoming crowd, and I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible down at the gig tomorrow night.

I’ve had time to think a bit more about why I started this thing, and I think I get it now. I’ve plugged away at this life of music for 20 years, and the one thing that I think I have missed is being part of a single scene, not just drifting between other awesome traditional scenes (metal, punk, indie, hardcore etc) in which my music never quite fit. I’m hoping that these nights will give Grunge (still the best word for it at the movement, although a very broad and inadequate term - which was inadequate even in the 90s and hated by many of its founding bands) some kind of home in London. I spent too long waiting for this scene to come along, and the decision to just make this thing was long overdue.

Civil War is already starting to pull together lots of different threads and amazing characters on the scene, and if we can run a few great shows and shine a light on these amazing bands, I will consider it a mission accomplished.

See you tomorrow night!


Dave Kirk