Civil War I - First Show!

So it’s been a crazy few weeks… but lots to report. Most importantly the first show is finalised – CWL I will take place at the Unicorn in Camden on Saturday 15 June, with a confirmed line up as follows:

Desert Clouds (headline)

Empty Friend

Circa Never



Really excited to have put this first show together, and lots of bands in the pipeline ready for future gigs, looking at a potential CWL II show in September, and CWL III in December. So many great bands wanting to get involved, and hopefully we will add a few new bands to the collective in the coming weeks.

In other news, had an absolute blast during 10 days in Toronto, Canada, including on 420, which was really cool to be around. It’s a great city, with some awesome venues for grunge and stoner. I managed to catch ‘League of Wolves’ at the amazingly named Bovine Sex Club, and even better still, got tickets to see King Buffalo at the Velvet Underground – they totally blew me away live. Awesome psychedelic/stoner band.

Well, gonna get some dates sorted out for these next shows, so watch this space and thanks for reading.


Dave Kirk