Making Plans...

We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately… but we’ve been super busy behind the scenes, and we’re nearly ready to confirm the date and venue for our very first show - Civil War I . I can’t announce it just yet, but I’ve got the venue and date reserved, and I’ve had confirmations from two bands so far in the collective, another on the way, and possibly an absolutely killer ‘guest’ headliner who I’m hoping to hear from in the coming days. Lots going on!

In the meantime, I’ve also been in touch with a great all-female band called HAWXX, who like the sound of our shows and are keen to play in the future. You should definitely check out their new single ‘Love’s A Bitch’ if you get chance - it’s a straight up banger with a MASSIVE face-melting drop at the end.

Well - big announcements coming soon! Stay tuned!



Dave Kirk