The ‘Civil War’ v7 Big Muff Pi pedal by EHX / Sovtek

The ‘Civil War’ v7 Big Muff Pi pedal by EHX / Sovtek

Our Ethos

We believe in playing fair, and paying fair. As veterans of the London DIY rock scene we know exactly how hard it is to find decent shows. So often it’s unreliable promoters, dodgy sound, zero pay, and random line-ups of clashing styles. We want to run nights, and release records, which are exciting and worth hearing about.

Civil War is not being run ‘for the money’, and we have no intention of making stacks of cash off the back of hard-working bands. Any profits made by our nights, and our future releases, will go straight back to the bands and people involved. All musicians should be paid fairly for their hard work. End of. No bullshit. No smoke and mirrors.

More than anything, we want the bands who play our shows, and the people that come down to be there, to feel part of something. All bands who play our shows will be added to our ‘Artists’ page (with their permission) with free links to their own websites for other people to discover and enjoy their music. That’s what this is all about.

This is our manifesto.